Soh-cha Stomach Support – Intestinal Beauty Care

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◇ Product Description ◇

After we knew the existence of functional foods, this product is made for people who are concerned about bowel movements, as it combines Matcha Green Tea and lactic acid bacteria (LACRIS™) that live and reach their intestines.
This product is a functional food that contains spore-forming lactic acid bacteria (Bacillus coagulans SANK70258).
Bacillus coagulans SANK70258 has been reported to improve bowel movements.
Matcha contains ingredients such as catechin, vitamin C, and L-theanine and L-theanine supports the parasympathetic nervous system dominant.

◆This product has been submitted to the Director-General of the Consumer Affairs Agency as a food for specified health purposes, for which the manufacturer is responsible for indicating that a specific health purpose can be expected.
However, unlike food for specified health uses, this product has not undergone individual review by the Commissioner of the Consumer Affairs Agency.

◎You should have a balanced diet, based on staple foods, main dishes, and side dishes.

Country of Origin: Japan

◇ Specifications ◇

Name / Processed food containing spore-forming lactic acid bacteria
Ingredients / Indigestible dextrin (manufactured in Japan), Oligosaccharide, Lactose, Spore-forming lactic acid bacteria (lactose, spore-forming lactic acid bacteria), Lactic acid bacteria (killed bacteria) powder, Lactic acid bacteria (killed bacteria) powder (dextrin, lactic acid bacteria, lactose), Matcha powder/HPMC, Calcium stearate, Fine silicon oxide, Cellulose, Glycerin, (Ingredients contain milk, wheat, and soybeans)

Contents / 22.14 (g) (90 tablets x weight of 1 tablet 246 mg, content of 1 tablet 200 mg)
Nutritional information [per 3 tablets (0.738g)] / Energy: 2.91kcal, Protein: 0.01g, Fat: 0.02g, Carbohydrate: 0.67g, Salt equivalent: 0.001g
Functional ingredients [per 3 tablets (0.738g)] / 100 million spore-forming lactic acid bacteria (Bacillus coagulans SANK70258)
JAN / 4947651 997005

◇ Functional claim ◇

Functional ingredient / Bacillus coagulans

Notified label (Notification No. F110) / This product contains Bacillus coagulans SANK70258, a spore-forming lactic acid bacteria reported to improve bowel movements.

Recommended daily intake / 3 tablets per day

How to consume / 3 tablets per day consume with water.

◇ Cautions ◇

*This product is not intended for the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of any disease.
*This product is not intended for use by persons suffering from any disease, minors, pregnant or nursing women (including those planning pregnancy), or nursing mothers.
*Please consult your physician if you are suffering from any disease, or your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking any medication.
*If you feel any changes in your physical condition, stop taking it immediately and consult your doctor.

□Precautions for ingestion
*If you have food allergies or are taking medication or visiting a hospital, please consult your doctor before taking this product.
*High doses of this product are not intended to cure disease or promote better health. Please follow the recommended daily intake.

□Storage Precautions
*Keep out of the reach of infants.
*Please keep in a sanitary environment as this is a food product.
*Due to the nature of the raw materials, there may be slight differences in the appearance and smell of this product.