HAISHA-KUN Spare Series

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◇ Product Description ◇

Four types of spares for the “HAISHA-KUN” series.
All spares are interchangeable except for Mirror and Pick, choose the right one that suits you best.

The following products is compatible to the spare series.
◆Brush & Mirror
◆Point Brush & Mirror
◆Tooth Cleaner & Mirror
◆Tooth Cleaner & Mirror “Separate Type”
◆Dental Care Set “Handy”


◇ Specifications ◇

■Mini brush (3 brushes)
Material / Brush Holder: ABS resin, Bristle: Nylon
Size / 10 x 17 x 10 (mm)
Weight / 0.5(g)
JAN / 4947651105004

■Interdental brush (S size) (3 brushes)
Material / Holder: ABS resin, Bristle: Nylon, Wire: Nylon coated stainless steel
Size / 7 x 20 x 7 (mm)
Weight / 0.5(g)
JAN / 4947651111012

■Tooth cleaner (2 pcs.)
Material / Holder: ABS resin, Cleaner: Silicon rubber (containing magnesium oxide)
Size / 8 x 18 x 8 (mm)
Weight / 0.5(g)
JAN / 4947651112002

■Point brush (3 brushes)
Material / Brush Holder: ABS resin, Bristle: Nylon
Size / 7 x 22 x 7 (mm)
Weight / 0.5(g)
JAN / 4947651115003

◇ How to use ◇

■Mini brush (3 brushes)
Mini brush is effective to for brushing finely intricate parts.

■Interdental brush (S size) (3 brushes)
The coated wire is safe for those who are sensitive to metal.

■Tooth cleaner (2 pcs.)
Helps remove tarnish and stains from teeth.
Wipe off saliva and moisture from your teeth before use.
[We recommend to use the tooth cleaner once a week. Avoid overuse.]

■Point brush (3 brushes)
Point brush is effective to for brushing between teeth and along gum line.

After use, gargle well and clean this product thoroughly and store it in a clean place.

●In order to maintain your oral hygiene, regular checkups by dentist are recommended in addition to daily dental care.●

◇ Cautions ◇

*Attach the spare into the adapter hole firmly so that it will not come off during use.
*The adapter hole where the head is installed will loosen after a period of use. In this case, please purchase and replace with a new holder.
*Replace the brush with a new one when the bristles wear off.
*Do not force the brush into interdental spaces as it may cause damage your teeth and gums or cause your gum to recede.
*Do not rotate brush during use as bristles may come off
*The tooth cleaner will become rounded after some period of time and hard to remove stain. In this case, please replace it with a new set.
*Discontinue use immediately if you experience any abnormality.
*Keep out of reach of infants.