HAISHA-KUN Brush & Mirror

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◇ Product Description ◇

Brush & Mirror has a mirror on one side and mini toothbrush detachable head on the other side.
Mirror is used to check the back side of your teeth using the reflection of your mirror and mini toothbrush is effective to for brushing finely intricate parts.
The handle is bend at a 15° and brush is detachable brings to brush two different angles.
Two replaceable spare brush is included.
The mirror with fog proofed film will prevent from fogging even if you inserted it in your mouth (The fog proof effect is expected to last around one year).
◎This product is more suitable for mother to brush the part left unbrushed by her child.)◎


◇ Specifications ◇

Material / Handle and Brush Holder: ABS resin, Bristle: Nylon, Mirror: Synthetic resin (fog proofed)
Size / 24 x 165 x (17) (mm)
Weight / 5.0(g)
JAN / 4947651104007

◇ How to use ◇

You can check your teeth situation especially on the back side of your teeth with the combination of your mirror reflection.
◆When attaching the brush, make sure it is inserted firmly so it does not come off during use.

For young children, after brush with their regular toothbrush, you can use the mirror to let them know which area is not brush yet.

After use, gargle well and clean this product thoroughly and store it in a clean place.
[There is a fog proofed film on the surface of the mirror, so wipe it off lightly.]

●In order to maintain your oral hygiene, regular checkups by dentist are recommended in addition to daily dental care.●

◇ Cautions ◇

*The adapter hole where the brush head is installed will loosen after a period of use. In this case, please purchase and replace with a new holder.
*If the bristle starting to wear off, please replace with a new brush.
*Discontinue use immediately if you experience any abnormality.
*Keep out of reach of infants.